Why Organic?

USDA certified organic labs are held to a far higher standard than labs without this designation. USDA certified organic labs are required to maintain thorough record keeping. To adhere to these standards, we have developed a batch tracking system that provides our clients with unparalleled transparency through each phase of our toll processing service. As required, we maintain detailed cleaning and maintenance records and only use USDA approved alcohols in our cleaning process. This ensures the integrity of our products from soil to oil. Sterling Hemp Labs is a proud USDA organic extraction lab and manufacturer. Certified through MOFGA, the USDA organic standards we uphold throughout our extraction process are reflected in the high quality of our certified organic bulk CBD and CBG extracts. Our extracts include; organic winterized pre-decarboxylated CBD & CBG, organic winterized decarboxylated CBD & CBG, organic full spectrum distillate, organic complaint broad spectrum distillate, and organic THC-free broad spectrum distillate.